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Houston Gym Steel Mill Gym


MONTH TO MONTH MEMBERSHIP: Steelmill Gym contracts are prorated month-to-month contracts. We require a valid debit/credit card to hold on file which will be auto deducted every 1st of the month until cancellation. Upon cancelling, member is required to sign cancellation form IN PERSON in order to take credit details off file and cancel contract. If member needs to cancel membership, cancellations must be done no later than 3 days before the next billing cycle (1st of upcoming month). Once credit payments are processed, we will not be able to issue a refund.

12 MONTH CONTRACT MEMBERSHIP: Contract term begins with the month you joined and will bill for 12 months thereafter. THERE IS NO CANCELLATION OPTION. After the 12 month contract is up, your monthly dues will automatically renew on a month to month basis until the account is cancelled in person.

COUPLE MEMBERSHIPS - Should one partner cancel their "Couples Membership", the remaining partner`s monthly rate will default to the $55 individual month to month rate upon cancellation. 

FROZEN ACCOUNTS: Members will be allowed to freeze their account ONCE PER 12 MONTHS for up to 30 days. If members need to freeze their account furthermore, their membership will be forfeited to cancellation


Previously cancelled memberships are required to pay a $45 initiation fee to be reinstated back into the system.

Steelmill Gym that allows me access at any time. As such, I am aware that there will be NO SUPERVISION OR ASSISTANCE DURING CERTAIN HOURS. I am solely responsible for my own well being and personal property inside as well as outside the gym.

Bringing in a guest, opening the door for anyone, or letting any persons follow in behind outside of business hours is PROHIBITED. Any member caught will be forfeited to cancellation.

Proper attire outside staffing hours is still enforced. All members are required to wear a shirt or tank top while using equipment for sanitation purposes. All members are still required to wear closed toes shoes while training.

Members should take pride in our gym and take care of all the equipment and re-rack the weights being used.


Misconduct: Any unnecessary misconduct (stealing, fighting, harassing other members, etc.) is subject to immediate termination of membership.





First issue key tags are free. Replacement key fobs needed for any reason will be $5 per fob.

Any account unable to make dues at the 1st of the month will be subject to a $10 fee per late month.

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